Each with their own identity. That’s where our strength lies. Starting out as StudentenWerk, we’ve since built up quite a brand portfolio. One with which we’re exploring the European borders. To seize opportunities when we see them. Simply by getting started. Because when your name - The Works - means everything, the possibilities are endless.

If we spot opportunities?
We seize them


Recruitment specialist YoungCapital brings together young people and employers through a (part-time) job. In the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and the UK. To help each other grow. While companies have the experience and expertise, young people ask the refreshing questions. Something you’ll also find at YoungCapital. With an average age of 28, our employees are themselves living proof of the impact young people can make.

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YoungCapital NEXT

YoungCapital NEXT is the recruitment agency for young professionals in IT, finance and technology, where talent development is key. We pave the way for talent to reach the top. By training, reskilling and educating them. And by helping them to grow and develop on all fronts. With an agile-based learning approach, tailored to the issues and challenges of the labour market. That’s how we ensure that they’re of immediate value to your workplace.

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The recruitment agency for
young professionals in
IT, finance and technology

More than 1 million people
visit the Jobbird site
every month is one of the largest job boards in the Netherlands. With vacancies for everyone, at every level. From small start-ups to large internationals. We appeal to a broad target group. This in turn ensures a wide reach: more than 1 million people visit the Jobbird site every month.

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StudentJob is our largest international job board. A place where we bring employers into contact with ambitious students and young professionals. For a part-time job, internship, holiday job or the first career step. In ten European countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland.

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Our largest
job board

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