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Privacy statement The Works

We take privacy very seriously at The Works. This means that we handle any data we collect of you carefully, confidentiality and in accordance with the current privacy legislation.


In this privacy statement, we explain how The Works handles the personal data of website visitors and contact persons who work at our business relations (such as clients and suppliers).


Who is responsible for processing your data?

The Works is a trade name for YoungCapital Holding B.V. (Chamber of Commerce number: 34199418). YoungCapital Holding B.V. is responsible for processing your personal data. This means that YoungCapital Holding B.V. determines - in accordance with the current privacy legislation - what data to process, how that happens, for what purpose and for how long. YoungCapital Holding B.V. (hereinafter: ‘The Works’ or ‘we’) processes personal data by saving it or sharing it with other parties, among other things.


What personal data do we process relating to the contact persons of business relations?

We process personal data of the contact persons of our business relation, such as clients or suppliers. This may include: first and last name, work position, telephone number, email address and correspondence with the contact person. This data is only used as part of our service and for maintaining our business relation.


What personal data do we process relating to website visitors?

The moment you visit our websites or use one of their functionalities, we can process the following data:


  • User IDs
  • Uniques identifiers
  • IP address
  • Estimated location (based on IP address)
  • The internet browser you’re using
  • Your website behaviour and activities (such as clicks, pageviews and searches)
  • Type of device (smartphone, tablet)


We use this data to offer you a service or functionality and to maintain and improve our website, but also to make the website more personal and relevant for you. We are allowed to process this information, because we have a warranted interest. Namely: improving the website and adjusting it to your needs and preferences.


What personal data do we process relating to visitors at our headquarters or offices?

We use camera surveillance for security purposes. Both at our headquarters in Hoofddorp and our offices throughout the Netherlands. The camera footage is saved for 4 weeks. Only when there has been an incident do we keep the camera footage until the incident is settled. This only includes images; we do not make any audio recordings. We have a warranted interest in this camera surveillance. It allows us to prevent theft and protect our employees and visitors.


How long do we keep your personal data?

We don’t save your personal data any longer than necessary. For this, we look at the purpose of why we asked for certain information. In addition, we take into account the statutory retention periods. The retention periods we apply are listed in our retention period policy. Once the retention period has ended, your information will be automatically deleted and depersonalised.


What steps do we take to secure your personal data?

We secure your personal data in various ways to ensure that your information is and will continue to be safe. We do this by limiting the access to your personal information, for example. But also by using safe communication channels and adequate system and network security. We have an internal safety policy that lists all the measures we take to secure your data.


With which third parties do we share your personal data?

The Works shares your personal data only with other parties if this is allowed under the current privacy legislation. These third parties may be subsidiaries of YoungCapital Holding B.V.


For us to be able to offer our services, we get help from other parties that process your data for us, such as software suppliers. We make various agreements with these parties about good security practices, confidentiality and your rights. These agreements are outlined in a process contract with the third party.


Do we share your data with third parties outside the EU?

The Works may share your personal data with parties that are located outside the EU, such as software suppliers. These parties are selected carefully. We especially look at whether they properly handle the security of your data, similar to the protection inside the EU. Agreements about the adequate safety measures of your data are recorded in a process contract.


What rights do you have?

You have a right to:

  • see which personal data we have of you.
  • change the data we have of you, for example when this is incomplete or false.
  • make us delete outdated data if we’re no longer required to save it.
  • transfer your data by asking us for a bundle of your data.


To practise these rights, contact us via the details at the bottom of this privacy statement.


Are you unsatisfied with the way we handle your personal data?

Contact us via the following details. If we can’t reach an agreement, you have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA). They supervise compliance to the privacy legislation.


Contact us?

Any questions, comments or do you want to exercise your rights? Feel free to contact us via phone, email or by post.


  • Telephone number: +31 85 - 076 18 40
  • Email address:
  • Postal address: The Works, Siriusdreef 12, 2132 WT Hoofddorp


Cookie statement

Do we use cookies?

Yes, we use cookies and similar techniques such as JavaScript. We do this to ensure that our websites and apps are working properly and are customer friendly. If you don’t want cookies, you can change the settings of your browser or delete them. Note: if you disable cookies, the website won’t work as well.


What are cookies and why are they needed?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your laptop, tablet or smartphone when you visit one of our websites. It allows us to recognise you on a later visit, where the saved information can be accessed from these files. In that way, you don’t need to fill in your personal details again. In addition, the cookies allow us to see how the website is used. Based on that data we can improve it. 


What type of cookies and techniques do we use?

The Works uses standard techniques that are used by virtually all websites and apps. These techniques enable our system to collect and save information.


The cookies that we use are:

  • Functional cookies: These cookies ensure that our website is working well. In addition, they help us save information and make it more user friendly.
  • Analytical cookies: These cookies measure how the websites and apps are used. This information is analysed to implement improvements.
  • Social media cookies: These cookies ensure that certain information can be directly shared on social media.
  • Advertising cookies: These cookies are placed by third parties (such as Google) to show you relevant advertisements.


Block or delete cookies or change your settings?

You can decide yourself whether to allow cookies. If you don’t want cookies to be saved in your internet browser, you can change the settings. You can also set an alert for cookies. Each time a cookie is saved, you get a notification. Saved cookies can be deleted via your browser settings.